WATCH: Jihadist films moment he is blown up by pinpoint strike in Idlib

Selfie-style video footage has emerged showing the moment a jihadist and his comrades near a key town in Idlib province were hit by either a well-placed airstrike or artillery round.
The jihadist and his squad mates were hold up in a trench near the stronghold town of At-Tamanaa (immediately east of Khan Sheykhun) in the southern countryside of Idlib province.
Amid lecturing his intended audience, a powerful strike (unknown if it was Russian or Syrian military) hits the trench ending the jihadist’s lecture and probably his life as well.
On Friday morning, the Syrian Army fully secured At-Tamanaa after a two-day battle in southern Idlib during which it chased terrorist forces from their well fortified positions the town and its surrounding area.
The settlement, which has a pro-ISIS history, had been defended by some of Idlib’s most fanatic Islamist fighters, including militants from the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group and the ‘Rouse the Believers’ jihadist coalition.

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