In France, a rooster goes to court – here's the reason why …

In France, a loud rooster has had a lawsuit filed against it by neighbors who are fed-up with its rowdy behavior; the creature will have its crowing fate decided by legal process on Thursday reports AFP.
The rooster, who goes by the name of Maurice, lives on Oleron Island with his owner Corinne Fesseau.
Worth noting is the fact that the rooster itself, not the owner, is being the one being taken to court. The owner is, in this strange case, only the legal representation and defense witness (yet potentially also the one who will be collaterally hit with a punishment depending on the outcome of the court decision) rather than the defendant.
According to Corinne, the charges against Maurice are unjustified given that only a specific group of neighbors, retired summertime vacationers from the city rather than actual residents who are accustomed to French countryside living, are the ones complaining.
If the rooster is ruled against in court, he will either have to be moved off his current farm or “silenced” as it has been euphemistically reported. A failure to comply with the given decision will see Corinne hit with hefty fines.
The incident has caused national outrage in France and some 144,000 people have signed-off on a petition campaign in defense of the rooster’s right to crow called “Save Maurice” or bought a protest T-shirt called “Let Me Sing”.
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