Lion catches lioness cheating with his brother, see his reaction (VIDEO)

Amateur video footage has emerged on the internet showing two lions fighting each other for possession of lioness.

The event took place at the Masaai Mara National Reserve, a massive savannah nature reserve area in Kenya’s southwest. The footage was captured by Priya Chandaria, who was present at the reserve as a visitor with her husband Hitol Dinshkumar.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, the two competing lions – Kaka and Maradadi – were brothers, having come from the same mother. Both were established males of the local pride.

The fight between the brothers has been described as “fierce” and indeed footage appears to render justice to this description. Fully extended claws, savage biting and grown-pounding were all used in a display of aggression that was by no means playful.

According to Priya, the lioness was originally with Kaka, but had slipped away from him to be with Maradadi. Kaka later tracked down the two and initiated a fight with his brother.

In the battle for love that unfolded, Maradadi prevailed, forcing Kaka to withdraw his claim for the lioness.


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