Full report: Airstrikes hit Iraqi, Iranian-backed forces in eastern Syria

Airstrikes which no country’s air force has taken responsibility for have hit a grouping of Iraqi and Iranian-backed forces in Syria’s eastern province of Deir Ezzor near a key border city.
The attack took place during the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning in the vicinity of Abu Kamal city (a government-held location). Sources report that at least five airstrikes struck in single intervals within one minute of each other.
Furthermore, some reports have specified that the attack was conducted by drone (UAV) aircraft, possibility of a design known as a suicide drone or loitering munition.
The exact kind of site attacked remains unknown, however, some sources claim the location hit was a Syria-based headquarters of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) situated just south of Abu Kamal city near the town of Suwayyah.
The target is confirmed at this point to have been large grouping of Iraqi PMU and Iranian-backed fighters, who are known to have a strong presence in eastern Syria, namely near Abu Kamal.
Information on casualties varies, however it would seem about 20 fighters were killed and nearly another 40 wounded as a result of the airstrikes.
The strikes take place just as the Abu Kamal border crossing into Iraq is reportedly set to be re-opened after many years, something which Israel has not been shy to complain about.
Given that Israel often conducts air attacks in Syria against Iranian-backed and pro-Iranian forces, and then so almost always denies doing so, the chances are that the Israeli Air Force was the one behind the operation.

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