Final Report : Israel attacks Syria – what was the target?

On Saturday afternoon just before midnight, Israel launched a missile attack against Syria, which targeted an area south of the capital city.
Israel claimed it was targeting an Iranian “killer drone” site in Syria that was being prepared for a major air attack against it with weapons now commonly known as ‘loitering munitions’.
This statement could not have been further from the truth, for in reality the location targeted was one that in no way threatened the security of Israel.
The Israeli account of events already began to fall apart when a famous Israeli journalist and some Israeli officials began circulating footage from an attack that took place well over a year ago in 2018.
The area targeted was a military officer rest and recovery (R&R) barracks located in the southern Damascus district of Aqraba.
Even satellite pictures provided by the Israeli satellite imaging company ImageSat quite obviously show the “base” area had swimming pools, yard hedges and vacation homes.

Two Hezbollah fighters were provably killed in the attack; confirmed by both pictures and by the political head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nusrallah, in a speech he gave the following day.

To clarify other details of the attack – Mezzah Airbase was not targeted, however, Syrian air defense units stationed at the military site did participate in the interception of Israeli missiles during the attack.
Furthermore, it seems that of 8 missiles launched against Syria, the Syrian Air Defense force was able to down six of them. The two that did make it through hit their target.
Most of the time, Israel never admits to the attacks it conducts, and on the few occasions it does, the pretext is always a false one.
In summary, the attack conducted by the Israeli Air Force was one of opportunity against a small gathering of Hezbollah fighters – present in Syria with the permission of the legitimate Syrian government – that were at a military recreational barracks, not a base being used in offensive operations against Israel.
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