WATCH: Syrian Army operation that crushed-in western flank of Hama salient

The ANNA News Agency has released a 20-minute video detailing the Syrian Army operation that crushed-in the western flank of the militant-controlled Hama salient and routed jihadist groups trying to defend the area.
The video shows the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces units in action using the full range of their available weaponry for the operation including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, heavy artillery, reconnaissance drones and guided munitions.
Witnessed by the ANNA News team is the destruction of a terrorist defense line running between Az-Zakah to Arbaeen to Tal Sakher that stood strong for five long years checking all previous attempted government advances on Khan Sheykoun, Kafr Zita and Al-Latamaneh from the western direction.
As a result of the operation conducted by the Syrian Army, the government front-line as been brought right up to the western approaches of the strategic militant strongholds of Kafr Zita and Al-Latamaneh.
With the city of Al-Hobait also secured by the Syrian Army, the city of Khan Sheykhun is also now completely vulnerable to an attack from the western direction.