VIDEO: Syrian Army readies for next move near Khan Sheykhun

Ruptly has released footage showing the current situation at the front-line near Khan Sheykhun as forward units of the Syrian Army dig-in, comb the newly-captured areas and plan out their next move.
The video – from either Sunday or Monday or both days – shows ongoing shelling of militant positions near Khan Sheykhun and the arrival of reinforcements to bolster point-of-contact strength at the front-line.
Also presented is the combing of recently captured areas, namely, the discovery and investigation of tunnels and earthen positions made by jihadists and since abandoned in recent days to Syrian Army forces.
The showcasing of a de-turreted, flipped over militant main battle tank which has been seen before suggests the footage was taken on the Syrian Army’s western advance axis towards Khan Sheykhun near Tal As.

On Monday, the Syrian Army made a key advance north of Khan Sheykhun, capturing two important hilltops and cutting the section of M5 Highway that leads into the city from the north, partially besieging militant forces inside of it and other strongholds further south such as Kafr Zita, Al-Latamaneh and Murak.