Breaking: Syrian Army cuts road north of Khan Sheykhun after huge advance

The Syrian Army – led by key offensive units – has captured multiple key sites north of Khan Sheykhun, cutting the highway that runs north of the city towards Murat al-Numan.
Moments ago, field sources confirmed to Muraselon News that the Syrian Army, spearheaded by the elite Tiger Forces Division, seized the hilltops of Tal Nimr (Tiger Hill) and nearby Tal Syriatel as well as the northern farms of Khan Sheykhun and the area of Wadi al-Fateh.
The advance has placed the Syrian Army in an invaluable position, it now has full control over the direct section of M5 Highway leading into northern Khan Sheykhun as well as new fire-control positions.
Whilst it is yet to be seen, this may now prevent Turkey from once again trying to enter Khan Sheykhun city with military forces as it attempted to do earlier on Monday before coming under attack by the Syrian Air Force.
Additional information to be released, including map updates, as the situation further develops.