Syrian Army finds tunnel full of artillery shells in Hama (Video)

In a sweeping operation throughout front-line areas recently liberated from militant forces in northern Hama province, the Syrian Army discovered a large tunnel complex loaded with mortar shells.
The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) has released footage showing the tunnel complex and ammunition contents inside of it.

The use of large tunnel complexes by militant groups is commonplace and has been found on every front of the Syrian conflict throughout its history, the countryside of northern Hama being no exception to the rule.
Terrorists use these tunnels to store ammunition, heavy weapons and even to mobilize for attacks against Syrian Army positions out of sight of Syrian and Russian warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft.

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In fact, some of the largest tunnel systems of the Syrian conflict are located specifically in northern Hama province with militant stronghold cities such as Al-Latamaneh being surrounded by tunnels large enough to hide main battle tanks inside them.
Often the Syrian Army does not even know militant tunnel systems exist until they discover them after capturing new ground.