Heavy Syrian Air Force strikes across Hama-Idlib region reduce militant defenses to ash

In recent hours, the Syrian Air Force kicked-off air operations against militant groups in northern Hama and southern Idlib province, carrying out a new series of powerful strikes follwoing the collapse of a ceasefire agreement aimed at freezing hostilities in northwest Syria.
Muraselon – Syria
The mobilization of Syrian warplanes for the strikes is huge and being conducted out of a number of bases across northwest Syria.
Air strikes – involving the use of rockets, bombs and cannon fire – by Syrian warplanes are currently targeting militant fire-support positions, gathering points, convoy movements, supply bases and lines of communication.
The main areas where terrorists are being struck so far include the stronghold cities of Khan Sheykoun, Kafr Zita and Al-Latamaneh as well as the militant-controlled frontier towns of Al-Hobait, Arbaeen and Az-Zakah.

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Given that the Syrian military recently announced that it would recommence its Idlib operation, it seems that a general ground offensive will follow the air strikes in the days to come.

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