Syrian Army special forces snatch 2 towns in south Idlib

The Syrian Army – spearheaded by elite special forces units – has tonight seized another two towns in the southern countryside of Idlib province following a lighting night assault.
Field sources in contact with Muraselon News confirmed the capture of the towns of Um Zeytouna and Kafr Tab after clashes with militant groups that were eventually pushed to retreat.
The attack, carried out by the elite Tiger Forces Division special forces unit, was launched during the very late afternoon hours of Wednesday from positions around Kafr Ayn and Tal As, both of which were captured yesterday.
By this advance, the Syrian Army has begun to create a buffer zone around the recently seized city of Al-Hobait.
The advance is important considering that there exists suspicions that insurgent forces may be organizing for a large counter-attack from the northern and western directions around Al-Hobait in order to recapture the city and other key locations (such as Tal As) near it.

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