Breaking: Syrian Army seizes key objective in south Idlib near Khan Sheykhun

For the second time on late Tuesday night, the Syrian Army scored an advance in the southern countryside of Idlib province on the road towards the militant-controlled stronghold of Khan Sheykhun.
Field sources speaking to Muraselon have reported that not long after taking control of the small town of Kafr Ayn (east of Al-Hobait), the Syrian Army made a quick dash towards the important hilltop of Tal As, seizing it within minutes.
Almost no organized resistance was encountered from insurgent groups according to reports, just sporadic clashes against what seemed to be a jihadist rear-guard force eager to flee the area.
This advance has placed the Syrian Army in a position to establish direct fire-control over all remaining villages immediately west of Khan Sheykhun as well as the western suburbs of Khan Sheykhun itself.
From this location, the Syrian Army is about five kilometers away from the western entrance of Khan Sheykhun with virtually no militant defenses in-between.