Syrian Air Force strikes militant groups mobilizing for counter-attack in Idlib

Over the last 12 hours, the Syrian Air Force has been conducting interdiction strikes against militant groups north of the current Syrian Army line of advance towards Khan Sheykhun.
Beginning last night and lasting until recent hours, the Syrian Air Force was once again engaged in a high-tempo operation with warplanes scrambling to launch strikes on insurgent rallying areas across the southern countryside of Idlib province.
According to reports, the Syrian Air Force engaged militant movements and gatherings in and around the towns of Madaya, Kafr Sajna, Jabala, Baskala, Has and Kafr Ruma.
Located north of the current Syrian Army line of advance on the axis of Al-Hobait towards Khan Sheykhun, these towns are reportedly being used by militant factions as rally areas in preparation for a suspected counter-attack.
Despite making key advances via the Al-Hobait axis towards Khan Sheykhun since Tuesday, the northern flank of the Syrian Army along the road between the two cities remains relatively exposed.
Because of this, the Syrian Air Force has been called in to keep pressure on militant groups moving far behind the front-line as to discourage them from attempting an offensive operation.

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