MAP: Syrian Army rolls forward in south Idlib amid heavy jihadist losses

The Syrian Army has made a critical advance in southern Idlib province over the last 24 hours, advancing along the main road the leads into Khan Sheykhun from the western direction.
Launching-off from its recently established positions around Al-Hobait city, the Syrian Army dashed eastwards on very late Tuesday night, rapidly capturing the town of Kafr Ayn and the hilltop (and related village) of Tal As.
Pro-militant media claimed that the Syrian Army had arrived at the western entrance of Khan Sheykhun, capturing the As-Salaam Checkpoint in the process. This is, however, fake news as government forces have not yet attempted to move east beyond Tal As.
Lacking fixed defensive positions east of Al-Hobait, insurgent forces have nonetheless attempted to mount a mobile defense using rear-guard units and in the process of doing so, suffered deaths among their ranks in the dozens.
In fact, since the Syrian Army operation east of Al-Hobait kicked-off on Tuesday night, militants are estimated to have lost 35 fighters killed and a failed counter-attack on the Sukayk front (southeast of Khan Sheykhun) resulted in the death of at least another 20 insurgents.
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