Syrian Air Force looses epic bombardment across south Idlib

The Syrian Air Force has let loose a massive bombardment targeting multiple militant-held sites across the southern countryside of Idlib province; the operation commenced in the last hour.
Sources report simultaneous attacks by the Syrian Air Force (claims of Russian warplanes being involved are yet unconfirmed) in and around the towns of At-Tamanaa, At-Tah, Takhtaya, Ad-Deir Al-Gharbi, Jarjanaz and Rakaya as well as the cities of Murat al-Numan and Kafr Sajna.
Also under air force bombardment are the hilltops of Tal Ter’i and Tal Jafar.
Every kind of Syrian Air Force munition including bombs, rockets and cannon fire is being expended by every operationally available combat aircraft in the current strikes against insurgent positions, movements and supply bases across southern Idlib province.
On Monday, the Syrian Army scored a key advance in southern Idlib province, partly besieging the militant stronghold of Khan Sheykhun after capturing the section of M5 Highway that runs into the city from the north as well as seizing two rather important hilltops that offer a degree of fire-control over the area.

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