Special tactics: How the Syrian Army is using the T-90 in its north Hama operation

During the darkest hours of the night, jihadist fighters are being hunted to their graves across the great plain of northern Hama province by T-90 tanks as the Syrian Army takes full advantage of the superior weapon systems of the T-90 in combination with unique tactics to advance in the militant-controlled region.
The superior technology in question is the thermal-vision sighting and digital fire-control aiming systems equipped on the T-90 (specifically, the ‘A’ variant) and the tactic being utilized is point-to-point night-raiding.
Access to night-vision equipment is a rarity for even the best-equipped jihadist militant units (limited to a few pieces per inghamasii unit for example), whilst the Syrian Army’s special and now even standard forces acquire more of the technology with each passing day.
Given the relative flatness of area current under attack by by the Syrian Army, T-90 tanks have the ability to see far off into the distance with the assistance of thermal vision and land pin-point strikes on the first round with the assistance of their digital fire-control system. A recorded example of this was provided about two weeks ago that showed a T-90 destroying a jihadist technical at almost five kilometers distance during night hours.
It should come as no surprise that the elite Tiger Forces Division begins its ground assaults around midnight, neutralizing rebel positions one at a time around towns and hilltops to be captured. Finally, when the militants are either all killed or tired of being shelled and retreat, Tiger Forces storming troops launch their attack on the given objective.
In this scenario, rebels are almost as hopeless as they are when under attack from precision airstrikes. Being engaged by an enemy that can see them but that they themselves cannot see.

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