VIDEO: Russian forces deploy near surrounded Turkish base in Hama

According to the latest reports backed by video evidence, Russian military policing forces based in Syria have deployed to northern Hama province to supervise a Turkish observation base that was recently surrounded by the Syrian Army.
Video footage recorded from personnel present at the deployment has been released showing Russian military police setting up positions near the so-called ‘Murak Bridge’.
The Murak Bridge where Russian military police have now established supervision points is about 500 meters from the Turkish base (designated Observation Post No. 9); also present are Syrian military personnel.
Video provided by U-News:

On Friday, the Syrian Army surrounded the Turkish observation base in question after a brief sweeping operation that witnessed the capture of three key militant strongholds – Kafr Zita, Al-Latamenah and Murak – that were abandoned by their insurgent occupiers.
The day before that, the Syrian Army captured the city of Khan Sheykhun. By this move, the Syrian Army trapped the Turkish base about 10 kilometers behind its front-lines.