Breaking: North Hama pocket implodes as Turkish base is besieged

A rapid advance by the Syrian Army during the night of Thursday through to Friday morning has seen the implosion of the militant-held north Hama pocket and the besieging of a Turkish base in the region.
Consecutive reports coming in over the hours – now confirmed by Muraselon News sources – state that the Syrian Army has assumed control of Kafr Zita, Al-Latamenah and Murak cities as well as the village of Latmin; numerous hilltops have also been secured amid this advance.
It seems that there were no clashes involved in the capture of these locations, with militant groups – likely numbering no more than a few hundred fighters – having retreated to the Turkish observation post south of Murak city.
At the present time, all that remains of the north Hama pocket is the Turkish military base south of it, being hopelessly besieged and from which any northwards exit will have to be conducted under Syrian Army supervision.
On Wednesday, the Turkish government claimed that its observation base near Murak (Observation Post No. 9) would not be relocated or removed and would continue to conduct operations. How Turkey plans on doing this exactly remains to be seen.

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