Pictures : Jihadist armor wiped-out during Abu Daleh battle in Idlib

On early Tuesday morning in southeast Idlib province, the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group and the ‘Rouse the Believers’ jihadist alliance launched a major assault on Syrian Army positions near Abu Daleh.
The militant onslaught was spearheaded by three car bombs (VBIEDs), armored vehicles and jihadist shock troops (so-called inghamasii); the probable goal was to overrun Syrian Army positions at Tal Maraq and seize Abu Daleh town.
In the event, this, the latest insurgent operation to take place in southern Idlib, would result in complete disaster for the attacking forces who advanced into a preset trap (an abandoned Syrian Army forward position) over which the Syrian Army had triangulated fire-control (from three high-points).
In a blaze of heavy machine gun fire, artillery strikes and warplane bombardment, the militants were hammered and forced to retreat.
Now pictures have begun to emerge showing the scale of the jihadist defeat, in particular, the destruction of militant armored forces.

The picture evidence seems to support reports made by Muraselon News field sources that the Syrian Army destroyed a number of armored vehicles amid repelling the insurgent assault.

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