Breaking: Major jihadist assault in Idlib totally crushed by Syrian Army

In southeastern Idlib province during the very early morning hours of Tuesday, militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the ‘Rouse the Believers’ jihadist coalition launched an attack on Syrian Army positions near the town of Abu Daleh.
The attack resulted in the absolute slaughter of the attacking Islamist force, as their “elite” infantry units advanced into a low-terrain area of southeast Idlib that the Syrian Army had fire-control over from three directions.
Field sources speaking to Muraselon News report that in a few brief hours of clashes, the Syrian Army killed some 37 insurgent fighters and destroyed three armored vehicles; ultimately government forces did not lose a single position.
The jihadists were unable to advance despite the fact they hurled three car bombs (VBIED) at Syrian Army positions at various front-line positions across southeast Idlib province.
Sources went on to add that part of the Syrian Army strategy beyond having total fire-control was to retreat from a forward position west of Abu Daleh, leaving behind a couple armored vehicles.
As militant fighters moved into the area to take pictures (a standard procedure of the Islamists that is prioritized above actual fighting), the Syrian Army launched a counter-attack with fire support, retaking the position.
At the present time, Syrian and Russian warplanes are hunting down jihadist fighter movements as the militants retreat back to their original positions and bases around Umm Jalal and Kuwayn al-Kabir towns.
The fighting witnessed bears testament to the very weakened state of jihadist forces in Idlib province.
In all probability, the militants will try to claim that the operation was just a raid, instead of a major assault that was totally crushed by the Syrian Army.
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