Militants report fake counter-attack in south Idlib whilst Syrian Army annihilates them

Once again, militants in Idlib are turning to fake news to compensate for their inability to actually achieve any kind of tactical or operational victory against the Syrian Army which is otherwise annihilating their forces across the region’s southern countryside.
The lie in question began to be disseminated around one hour ago, with pro-jihadist media reporting that the Syrian Army had advanced east beyond Tal As in southern Idlib, captured by it just before midnight on Tuesday, to the As-Salaam checkpoint area on Khan Sheykhun’s western entrance.
Fake news militant media then expanded their report to add that a counter-attack by their forces had driven back the Syrian Army from the As-Salaam checkpoint towards Tal As.
The truth of the matter is that the Syrian Army has not moved east beyond the important hilltop of Tal As since capturing it late last night and that there had been no insurgent counter-attack on Khan Sheykhun’s western entrance to retake a position they never lost.
This undertaking by militant groups to report fake counter-attacks is not new. In the past, jihadists have claimed counter-attacks that retook whole towns and villages that they never lost control of.
In reality, the fake news reported by pro-militant media is just another example of a strategy based around appearing strong, rather than achieving real military objectives, this latter-mentioned (proper) strategy being the sole domain of the Syrian Army in Idlib at the present time.

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