How does Turkey plan to keep its north Hama military base in Syria?

On Friday, Syrian Army forces neutralized the militant-controlled northern Hama pocket, and as a result, a military base belonging to Turkey located in the region has been completely surrounded.
Hundreds of militants who swore to defend key cities in northern Hama province such as Kafr Zita, Al-Latamenah and Murak chose, in practice, to either retreat north of Khan Sheykhun or flee to the Turkish military base in question (designated Observation Post No. 9), located just south of Murak.
The last official, and rather breathtaking, statements to be released by Turkey regarding its base south of Murak was that the installation would not be removed nor relocated and that it was, apparently, not besieged at all (well if it is not under siege, then it is for a fact surrounded at the very least).
In all probability the Syrian Army has no intention to harm the Turkish military personnel stationed at the base nor any intention cause damage to the structure. At the present time Syrian military personnel seem more interested in taking selfies near the base walls. Point is, neither side is engaging the other.
That being said, the Turkish military site is now located about ten kilometers behind Syrian Army lines and has become dependent on cooperation with government forces who control all the roads leading into and out of the base for its logistics.
As food and water stocks within the base need to be replenished and (if before all that) Turkish troops need to be rotated from the installation, then whether passage of logistics and personnel is approved by Damascus or not approved will be a sign as to whether the base is just surrounded or if it is truly besieged.

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