Breaking: Syrian Army snatches another town from militants in north Hama (MAP)

Once again in the last 18 hours, the Syrian Army has managed to achieve another advance against militant groups in northern Hama province amid a faltering jihadist defense line west of Khan Shaykhun city.
Field reporters have disseminated information that the Syrian Army managed to seize the small town of Al-Jiysat and neighboring Ad-Dimon farmland area, located just south of Al-Hobait – a strategically important settlement on the road to Khan Shaykhun.
By the advance, the Syrian Army has driven a wedge between the large town of Al-Hobait and the city of Kafr Zita. Because of this a number of options now present themselves for government forces should they chose to continue their offensive momentum.
Being only two kilometers away from Al-Hobait and having outflanked its main defense line from the southern direction, the Syrian Army could chose to make a speedy advance on the town and probably seize it relatively quickly.
An advance on Kafr Zita, which has now been effectively outflanked from the northern direction, is also an option, although it is less likely to produce a quick victory due to a large insurgent presence in the city itself.
In any event, the Syrian Army advance made in the last hour is a capitalization on the capture of Tal Sakher made earlier on Thursday and now it is yet to be observed which direction government forces chose to strike next.
HD map available .

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