Breaking: Syrian Air Force bombs Turkish base in Hama (VIDEOS)

Amid preparations for a new offensive operation in northwest Syria, the Syrian Air Force has begun bombing militant positions and movements in the countryside of Hama; as a consequence, a Turkish base supporting terrorist activities in the region has also been targeted.
According to reports supported by picture evidence, the Syrian Air Force has taken aim at Turkish Observation Point No. 10, located at Jabal Chashaboo (Shir Magar) in northwestern Hama province – effectively hitting it with at least one bomb.
The bomb struck the base’s reinforced wall. It is one of dozens of airstrikes being launched on militant positions near the site.

It is still unknown if the Syrian Air Force deliberately targeted the Turkish base, however, the military site at Jabal Chashaboo, just like Point No. 9 near Murak, is known to be used by insurgent groups as a mobilization point for attacks against the Syrian Army – making it a valid target given its practical use as a terrorist base of operations.
Additional information in the hours to come will likely clarify whether or not the base was deliberately targeted.


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