WATCH: Militant tanks enter Turkish base in north Hama

The Sputnik News Agency has released exclusive footage from its reporters based with the Syrian Army in northern Hama province showing militant armored forces moving freely into a Turkish base near Murak city.
The footage captured by Sputnik was filmed from a Syrian Army position near Tal Bizam (close to the government-militant contact line in northern Hama) which has highly-visible oversight of the Turkish base.

The Turkish base in question is a so-called “observation post”, the ninth one (of 12) to be installed per the Astana de-escalation agreement, which houses a small contingent of Turkish Army forces.
However it seems that the base is also used as a safe-haven and mobilization point for insurgent groups in operations against the Syrian Army.
Even before Sputnik released this recent footage, the Syrian Army repeatedly complained that militant groups where using the Turkish observation posts at Jabal Chashaboo and Murak to protect their forces and even launch anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) attacks on the Syrian Army.

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