Syrian S 300 system was put on high alert during Israeli attack but …

The Syrian military’s S 300 system was put on high alert during the Israeli attack on Sunday evening; however, it was not used, a source told the Arabic language version of Sputnik News.
According to the source, the Soviet-era S-200 had managed to intercept five out of six Israeli cruise missiles that were fired towards the Homs Governorate, so there was no need to deploy their S 300 system.
The Israeli Air Force launched both a sea and air assault on the Damascus and Homs governorates, causing significant damage to a number of areas in southwestern Syria, including the town of Sahnaya.
Prior to the attack, the Israel-based Image Satellite International company released a photo showing the Syrian S-300 system fully intact and ready for service in the city of Masyaf.

S 300 system in Syria

The Syrian military first received the S-300 system from Russia on October 1st, 2018. The Russian military delivered the system after they blamed the Israeli Air Force for the downing of their IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft off the coast of Latakia.
The Russian Ministry of Defense said an Israeli F-16 used the IL-20 for over during the Syrian air defenses’ attempt to intercept the enemy aircraft. Israel has denied these accusations.

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