After March Israeli warplanes will not escape the Syrian S-300 missiles

Kommersant revealed on Tuesday that the Syrian Army has not utilized the S-300 rockets that it was provided by Russia recently.
The Russian newspaper stated from knowledgeable sources that the Syrians will become prepared to use those systems from the upcoming March after completing all necessary training to master its use.
The column added that it will become possible to deploy a regiment spearheaded by S-300 batteries to protect Damascus and its surroundings.
In this regard, the member of the Defense and Security Council of the Russian Federation’s Parliament mentioned that the S_300 crew members is conducting training at the present time.
He added, “Israeli warplanes direct their attacks in the current time because they have remained out of the reach of the Syrian Air Defense system’s, but after the deployment of the S-300 no one will be able to escape it.”
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Moscow had decided on the 24th of September to send the S_300 system to Syria when a Russian IL-20 plane was downed during an altercation between Syrian air defense units and an Israeli jet off the Syrian coast. Israel vehemently opposed this move.
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