In Video: Syrian Army hunt down militants tried to attack military positions in Hama

A video obtained by Muraselon News shows the Syrian Army in action against jihadist rebels who were trying to attack military positions in northern Hama countryside last evening.
Field source told Muraslon that army units managed last evening to foil big militants attack toward the recently captured areas by the Syrian army at Shashabo Mountain in northwest Hama province.

Source added that heavy clashes erupted in the area following the attack where Syrian troops managed to repel the attackers, killing and injuring dozen of them as well as destroying couple vehicles.

Last week, the Syrian army and allies launched a wide scale military operation in northern Syria aim to capture the demilitarized zone in Hama and Idlib where the army managed to impose control over dozen of towns and villages so far as well as killing more than 100 jihadist rebels.

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