Watch SAA Tiger Forces operation that led to the capture of Hwaiz in Hama province

The Syrian Arab Army led by Tiger Forces units managed to impose full control over strategic Hwaiz town on Wednesday in the northwestern countryside of Hama.
Elite al-Taha and al-Hawarith units of Tiger Forces managed after heavy missile and artillery shelling to enter the town and fully control it.
A video published today which shows al-Taha units of Tiger forces while storming Hwaiz town under heavy cover of Russian airstrikes as well as Syrian missile strikes.
The importance of capturing Hwaiz comes from its strategic place where it serves as the main entrance to al-Ghab Plain in northwestern Hama, also it used to be the main jihadists hub in the area where militants used to launch tens of missiles and shells from it toward the government-held towns in northern Hama.

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