Syrian army foils new jihadist rebels offensive in northern Hama + Video

Jihadist rebels led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and National Liberation Front have launched a new attack against the Syrian army in north-western Hama countryside.
According to sources, militants led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham tried to attack the Syrian army positions in Huwaiz town and its surroundings starting the attack with a car bomb.
Sources added that the army troops managed to destroy the car bomb with ATGM before reaching its target and destroyed couple other vehicles fitted with heavy machine guns forcing militants to retreat from the area.
Also, the Syrian army units managed to target and destroy TOW ATGM launchers and sniper nests in Shashabo Mountain that were targeting the army troops in the area.
Meanwhile, heavy missile and air strikes are ongoing by the Syrian army and Syrian air force targeting militants movements and positions across northern Hama and southern Idlib countrysides.
Tens of airstrikes hit towns of Shahrnaz, Huwyyjah, Ankawi, Hobait, Kafr Auwyd, Trmala, Talas and Latamneh killing and injuring dozen of militants and destroying their equipment.
Below video footage shows Syrian Tiger Forces targeting with heavy machine guns retreating forces of militants in the area.