Jaysh al-Izza rebel group mourns death of tens of militants killed in a cave near Kafr Nabudah

Jaysh al-Izza rebel group has mourned death of a new wave of fighters killed during the battle of Kafr Nabudah in northern Hama province in central Syria.
Jaysh al-Izza official telegram account said that dozen of their fighters were killed at Kafr Nabudah front-lines without mentioning details of their death.
Early on, a Syrian army field source said that more than 30 militants were killed after being buried a live inside a cave near Kafr Nabudah in northern Hama countryside.
The news were confirmed later on by many sources including an opposition reporter from the area who posted on his Facebook profile mourning death of a fighter stating he was besieged inside a cave in Kafr Nabudah along with his comrades fighting till death inside it.
This comes following the recapture of the strategic town of Kafr Nabudah by the Syrian army earlier this week where sources said that more than 300 militants belong to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaysh al-Izza and other rebel factions were killed in 4 days of battles in the area.
Jaysh al-Izza so far confirmed death of 55 fighters from the group who were killed in battle against the Syrian army in northern Hama province.
Early this month, the Syrian Arab Army led by Tiger forces started a large-scale offensive aim to capture the demilitarized zone and kick militants out of it.

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