Israeli Prime Minister to visit Moscow for talks with Putin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will arrive in Russia, Moscow on Thursday to hold brief talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, The Kremlin has confirmed.
“An agreement has been reached that on April 4 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will fly to Moscow for a brief working visit. On April 4 such brief working talks will be held and the sides will synchronize their watches,” Peskov said.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu’s spokesperson Anna Jonathan-Leus told TASS that the Israeli prime minister planned to arrive in Moscow on Thursday for talks with the Russian president.
Putin and Netanyahu discussed military cooperation in their phone conversation on Monday. The sides focused on vital issues of bilateral cooperation, including military contacts, and also the situation in the Middle East region, the Kremlin press service said.

Moscow hosted talks between Putin and Netanyahu on February 27. The Russian leader said after the negotiations that a working group on Syria involving Russia, Israel and some other countries as well as Syrians could deal with normalizing the situation in the country after terrorism in Syria was fully vanquished.

For his part, the Israeli premier said on March 3 that during the talks the parties reached an agreement on coordinating efforts by their armies and achieving the common goal, specifically, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Syria that were deployed there after the civil war broke out.
Source: TASS

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