Israel seeks agreement with Russia to destroy S-300 missiles in Syria !

Israel is apparently determined to regain its supremacy over the Syrian airspace as it impatiently awaits the appropriate time to destroy the S-300 missiles system

Based on informed media reports in the USA, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu tends to negotiate with Russia’s Putin on setting a specific date when Israel can safely resume its sorties over Syria.

In other words, once the Russian experts leave the sites of S-300 missiles, Israeli as well as US warplanes shall begin airstrikes to destroy the advanced air defense system, or at least take several active steps to accomplish this purpose.

In any case, Israel has to choose between the ‘bad’ and the ‘worse’ of options. The three following scenarios are highly plausible:

  1. Netanyahu asks to conclude an ‘honor agreement’ with Putin in which the latter shall promise not to forward information obtained from the hot line between the two states (established to prevent military confrontation) to Damascus,
  2. Israel insists that Russian gives up the idea of supplying the Syrian air force with the new MIG-31 fighters and Buk-M3 missiles no matter how things unfold in the region,
  3. Israel demands that the Syrian S-300 system not to be linked with the Russian S-400 missiles in Hmeimim airbase (the S-400 radar covers an area up to 600 km).

On the other hand, President Putin has tough options to think of; to save his face in front of the Russian army officers whose comrades in arms had been killed because of Israel pilots, and maintain a good condition with the Israeli leader who undeniably has strong relations with Wall Street and Moscow-City (economy must be taken into consideration).

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The decision taken on this matter will heavily depend on the next Congress elections to be held on November. Thus, Moscow will most probably choose to wait while pondering Netanyahu’s offers.

Translation by Muraselon 

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