ISIS terrorists fleeing Syria toward Lebanon — Reports

Western intelligence agencies and some European embassies in Beirut have warned Lebanon about the danger of infiltration of ISIS terrorists from Syria into Lebanon in the coming weeks.
These embassies have recently warned of dozens of extremists fleeing from Syria into Lebanon or paying large sums of money to “mafias” willing to facilitate their entry. In such cases, the embassies reportedly suspect individuals are transferred to and hidden in Palestinian refugee camps, the information indicated.
Part of the western information received in Lebanon was drawn from the situation of al-Hol refugee camp in north-eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border, which is under the control of the Kurdish forces.
The Kurdish-controlled camp is situated near Syria’s northeastern border with Iraq and holds over 70,000 people, mostly women and children under the age of 15, and many of them foreign nationals.
In recent months, thousands of wives and children of Daesh (ISIS) militants from Syrian villages south of the camp arrived after they were displaced by Kurdish-led attacks against extremist enclaves
Countries that suspect their nationals may still be in Al-Hawl camp are pursuing matters through their embassies in Lebanon, according to the information.
The reports’ conclusions come in light of Syria’s unstable security situation and poor economy amid an 8-year-old civil war.

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