US-backed forces SDF claim full victory over ISIS in Syria

The Islamic State (ISIS) has lost its final territorial enclave in the village of Baghuz after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared “total elimination of the so-called caliphate”.
The spokesman for the American backed forces tweeted that the last IS stronghold in Syria, Baghuz , has been freed, declaring the final military victory over the militant group in Syria.
Baghouz has been liberated. The military victory against Daesh has been accomplished,” he wrote. The SDF has been battling the final ISIS stronghold of Baghuz along the Syrian-Iraqi border for weeks.
On Tuesday, March 19, SDF forces captured an encampment in Baghuz where the jihadists had been mounting a last defence of the tiny enclave, pushing diehard fighters onto a sliver of land at the Euphrates riverside.
The so-called caliphate’s failed final stand in Baghuz ends its territorial control in the region, for a group that once held control of vast land in the region.
Although the SDF’s eradication of ISIS land is a significant milestone in this eight-year-old war, the threat of insurgency looms as many ISIS fighters remain hidden underground in the Syrian desert and Iraqi cities.

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