U.S confirms deployment of S-300 missile defense systems in Venezuela

Venezuela is already in possession of highly effective S-300 missile defense systems, Elliot Abrams The U.S State Department special operator for Venezuela has revealed.
According to sources. Venezuela has at least six active S-300 systems now operating, each system can target nearly 25 advanced fighters or attack planes simultaneously.
Earlier last week, Israel-based Image Satellite International (ISI) has shared alleged satellite images of the deployment of Russia-made S-300 missile defense systems by the Venezuelan military to the Captain Manuel Rios Airbase in the Guarico state.
S-300 missile defense systems
ISI also reported that the Venezuelan Armed Forces had put the S-300s into operational readiness after holding military drills in February.
Several days before the dispatch, a number of media outlets reported that an estimated 99 Russian military staff had arrived in Caracas on board two planes, which also delivered 35 tonnes of cargo.
Prior to that, US President Donald Trump had urged Russia to “get out” of Venezuela and stressed that all options were on the table.
Russia has emphasized that Moscow has not violated either international agreements or Venezuela’s domestic legislation, and that the deployment was done “within the framework of our normal relations with the legitimate government”.

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