Venezuela deploys S-300 missiles to airbase near Caracas the Capital : report

The Venezuelan Army has deployed S-300 air defense missiles to a key airbase south of Caracas the Capital of Venezuela , the Image Sat International reported on Sunday, March 24.
According to Image Sat, the Venezuelan armed forces activated their S-300 missiles after completing their military drills in February.
The source reveals through satellite imagery that the additional S300 missiles that have been deployed to the Captain Manuel Rios Airbase in the Guarico state of Venezuela.

In addition to activating their S-300 missiles, the Venezuelan Armed Forces received a major boost on Sunday when the Russian Air Force and their military personnel arrived inside the country.
It remains unclear how active the Russian military is going to be in Venezuela, as despite the protests and sporadic violence, there has been really no real attempt to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro.

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