Syrian Army Prepares For Military Operation In Northern Hama Countryside

A field source told Muraselon that the Syrian Arab Army units have begun preparations for a large-scale military operation in the northern Hama countryside.

The source added that the terrorist groups have extended recently causing the deaths of many citizens and wounding others and causing serious damage to infrastructure by shelling the safe and vital areas in the northern Hama countryside with rockets in clear violation of the Sochi agreement.

The source pointed out that the Syrian Arab Army has begun preparations to launch a large-scale operation in Hama countryside that will target the terrorist groups positions deployed inside and around the de-escalation zone, in order to control these areas and to end the threat by militants to populated areas.

A military source announced on Sunday that the army units responded to a large attack carried out by large numbers of terrorist from the ISIS-linked Ansar al-Tawhid group on military points in the northern Hama countryside, which left some of Syrian soldiers wounded and a number of martyrs.

Worth to note that the army had sent several military convoys to the fronts in the northern villages of Hama, Latakia countryside and the vicinity of Idlib, in preparation for launching a military operation aimed at ending the spread of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group and its factions in the region.

Source: Muraselon

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