US Navy Destroyer armed with Tomahawks enters the Baltic Sea

The US Navy USS Gravely (DDG-107) guided missile destroyer, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, has entered waters of the Baltic Sea.

According to the Russian TV channel “Zvezda”, the destroyer has passed The Great Belt strait in Denmark and is now sailing along the German coast.

The US destroyer which was named after Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, entered the US Navy service in 2010. Its total capacity is 9648 tons, the maximum length is more than 155 meters, and the width is more than 20 meters. Speed ​​is up to 32 knots, range of sailing is 4890 miles at 20 knots. The crew consists of 380 people.

The destroyer is equipped with 32 launch platforms in the front and 64 rear platforms. Anti-submarine or anti-ship missiles, as well as long-range Tomahawk supersonic cruise missiles, can be installed on these platforms.

This destroyer can carry up to fifty-six Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of 2500 kilometers. In addition, it is armed with caliber (Mk 45) 127 mm artillery, 25-mm anti-aircraft artillery, 12-mm machine guns, anti-aircraft missiles, torpedoes and two Seahawk multi-mission helicopters.

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