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VIDEO: US bomber drops precison weapons in drills over Korean Peninsula

The United States has flown a long-range B-1B bomber over the Korean Peninsula as part of joint air exercises with South Korea.

The US bomber and two South Korean F-15K Eagles dropped precision 500-pound JDAMs (joint direct attack munitions) on the region on Wednesday, according to the White House.
The bomber then flew with advanced South Korean F-35A and KF-16 fighter jets, as well as US fighters and tankers.

The US military said the bomber is capable of rapidly delivering “massive quantities of precision and non-precision weapons against any adversary, anywhere in the world, at any time.”


During the drills, South Korean fighter jets also conducted live-firing exercises to demonstrate the country’s readiness to punish North Korea if provoked, according to the South’s defense ministry.

According to Seoul, it was the first time the B-1B has conducted “a live munitions drop” on the Korean Peninsula in seven years to demonstrate its capability to “precisely strike deep target.”

The controversial war games are expected to further escalate the already high tensions in the region, as South Korea has threatened to resume all its military activities along the border with the North.

North Korea has repeatedly warned the US against any deployment of such bombers in the region.

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