For the first time.. Syrian S-300 missiles active (PHOTOS)

Satellite image taken today by ISI website shows for first time 3 launchers of the Russian made S-300 air defense system deployed in Masyaf city in northwest Syria.
“The Satellite image show three out of the four systems erected in Masyaf in northwestern Syria. One launcher was observed covered by a camouflage net.” ISI said in their assessment of the images.

Russia decided to supply S-300 system after Moscow accused Israel of indirectly causing the downing of the Russian IL-20 Surveillance plane, which was shot down on September 17 over the Mediterranean Sea by a missile mistakenly fired by Syrian forces from the S-200 during the Israeli air strike, the incident killed 15 Russian servicemen.

On the backdrop of this incident, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Sergey Shoygu, announced that Russia had supplied four S-300 missile systems to the Syrian army in a move strongly criticized by Israel and the United States.
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