Syrian Army kills scores of terrorists in Hama Countryside

The Syrian Arab Army continued their military campaign in northwestern Syria on Monday, destroying several positions and fortifications of the terrorist groups in northern Hama countryside.

According to a military report from northern Hama, Army units carried out bombardments against fortified positions of the “Turkistani Party” terrorists in Khirbet al-Naqous town in Hama northern countryside.

The report added that a number of terrorists’ positions were destroyed in the bombardments and a number of them were killed and others were injured.

Another Syrian Arab Army’s attack targeted positions of Jaysh Al-Izza positions near al-Massasneh village, followed by fierce exchange between the army unit and the terrorist group.

Jaysh Al-Izza responded to these attacks by firing a number of artillery shells towards the Syrian Arab Army’s positions north of Mhardeh.

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