Syria .. Israeli Tanks strike several targets in Quneitra.

Syrian news agency SANA reported an Israeli attack on Quneitra City in southern Syria.

According to SANA, the aggression targeted sites inside Quneitra City in southern Syria, causing material damage but no casualties.

The agency added that the Israeli aggression targeted al-Quneitra demolished hospital with several tank shells and an observation post in Jubata al-Khashab town.

The Israeli attack also targeted Tal al-Dariyah town in Quneitra City with a number of missiles causing material damage.

Later , An official military source said ” At approximately 18:30, the Israeli aggressor targeted Tal al-Duhur in Jubata al-Khashab, Tall al-Dara’ya and Tal-Khaled with several shells. At approximately 19:50, an Israeli drone fired four missiles at al-Quneitra hospital and a Security Force post causing material damage. “

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