S-400 accelerates pace of work on S-500 system

The increasing export of Russian air defense systems ( S-400 )to other countries contributes significantly to the development of a new generation of anti-aircraft missiles.
Russia has launched the development of S-500 surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic missile system, the former Secretary of the Russian Security Council revealed that the pace of work on this project has accelerated thanks to the export of Russian air defense systems to other countries.
“Russia is now developing the S-500 missile system, thanks to the S-400 missile deal with China and other countries,” said Andrey Kokoshin, a former Russian Security Council secretary, speaking to Sputnik.
This may mean that export proceeds are used to finance the S-500 project.
The new system maker has not presented anything to public opinion so far but occasionally reveals the S-500 missile test through the media.
The Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed during a meeting with defense industry leaders last year on the need to accelerate manufacturing of the new missile system.

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