Turkey may use S-400 to attack Hellenic Air Force warplanes warns Greece to Russia

Greece has officially expressed concerns to Russia that it believes Turkey may use its advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile system to down Hellenic Air Force warplanes once the country’s military begins acquiring units.

The S-400 complaint from Greece was delivered at the highest level with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras speaking directly to President of Russia Vladimir Putin on Friday amid a visit to Moscow.

Specifically, Tsipras pointed out that Turkey continues to behave as if it is in a de facto state of war with Greece, regularly engaging in aggressive moves (just short of actual combat) and tough military posturing.

Turkish Air Force fighter jets frequently violate Greek airspace. Earlier this year, a Greek Mirage 2000 went down amid being scrambled to intercept intruding Turkish military aircraft; it was later concluded that the crash occurred due to environmental factors, namely a Saharan-originating sandstorm spilling out over the Aegean Sea).

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Turkey purchased at least four battalions of S-400 systems from Russia in 2017. Latest information on the deal suggests that Turkey will begin to receive its first S-400 units by mid-2019.

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