Russian , Syrian forces deploy north of Manbij (Map , pictures)

Picture and video shared by Muraselon Arabic  evidence has emerged proving that Russian military police and Syrian Army units have finally taken up positions and started to conduct patrols north of Manbij city at points opposite areas held by Turkish-backed militants.
The pictures show Russian military police deployed in the villages of Oushrie and Dadat, both of which are on the contact line with Anakara’s proxy forces.
Likewise, video evidence proves that the Syrian Army’s Republican Guard (likely Brigade 106) has deployed far northwest of Manbij at the village of Im Glud, again, on the contract like with Turkish-vetted insurgents.

The when of the matter is a mystery, with the US forces seemingly slipping away from their bases and checkpoints north of Manbij undetected.
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The quiet US disengagement from operations north of Manbij after two years of activity in the area correlates with Pentagon statements that the draw-down in Syria would be conducted in phased and hushed fashion to preserve the security of the withdrawing forces. A statement on the withdrawal may yet be released by official US sources.

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