Syrian Army from northern Manbij : We came to support Manbij Military Council against Turkey [Video]

Muraselon attained a video showing the presence of forces from the Syrian Army ’s Republican Guard north of Manbij near the front lines with Turkey’s Euphrates Shield militants.
The SAA soldier in the video says, “We, forces of the Syrian Republican Guard, came here to reinforce the Manbij Military Council Forces in the village of Um Jloud which is on the front lines with Euphrates Shield.”
The village is located northeast of Manbij on the boundaries between the MMC and the Turkish-backed Forces.
The Syrian Ministry of Defense had announced earlier that entry of Syrian Army units to the Manbij region following an invite from Kurdish Forces.
The ministry states in its statement that the Syrian Army’s entry to Manbij came from the commitment of the armed forces to ensure the integrity of the Syrian land and the protection of its sovereignty over every inch of the Syrian Arab Republic and in response to the calls of the residents of the Manbij administration.
The deployment of Syrian Army Forces on the front lines of Manbij hinders Erdogan’s militants from getting into Manbij as the so-called National Army continues to mobilize in preparation to launch an attack with the Turkish Army against the Kurds.