Satellite images show US-backed forces stealing northern Syria’s oil

Satellite images show hundreds of tanks and trucks belonging to the US-backed forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) loaded with stolen Syrian oil, queued to move into the Turkish and Iraqi territory.

According to the satellite images, the area is located north of Raqqa city, that controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the US coalition.

The satellite images was taken by the Russian aerospace forces.

According to private sources, the number of tanks is about 1925, which is daily transferred to the neighboring countries, “Iraq and Turkey” through various smuggling routes, and the proceeds of stolen oil are diverted to serve ISIS organization.

Stealing the Syrian oil is being applied under the nose of the US-led coalition which does not take any action or position to stop this illegal trade, as it is the most prominent beneficiaries of stolen oil.

On the other hand, some of the financial benefits are owed to the Kurdish leaders. a year after the liberation of western Euphrates, The SDF did not carry out any renovation of the infrastructure, not even any hospital or school, despite the availability of stolen oil.

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