PUBG is taboo in Syria’s opposition-held areas – Report

The opposition Step News agency published a fatwa from the Saudi terrorist Abdullah al-Muhaisni, in which he denied the famous game of PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds).

The opposition agency didn’t claim full responsibility about the story, saying it is taken from common social media outlets in Idlib.

According to the agency, al-Muhaisni denied the game because of mixing between women and men, as it opens large door to sedition “and God forbid”.

It causes addiction and wasting time, as many cases of divorce have occurred because of PUBG, Then “God knows.” Al-Mushaisni said according to Step News.

As feedback, several of comments mocking Al-Muhaisni’s new fatwa, some said “Muhaisni lost fighting in the game and resorted to the prohibition.”

It is noteworthy that PUBG is not working in Syria only using VPN application to change the Syrian IP to another.

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