Russia denies Israel’s claims that it destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

Russia has denied Israel’s claims of a Syrian nuclear reactor infrastructure at the al-Kibar site that was allegedly destroyed by Israeli jets in 2007.

The permanent Russia n representative to international organizations, Mikhail Ulyanov, said on Monday that the infrastructure to develop a nuclear program in Syria did not exist at all, and that the whole story fabricated.

According to him, the representatives of the United States later submitted to the(International Atomic Energy Agency) IAEA secretariat information alleging the presence of a nuclear reactor in Syria producing plutonium.

There is no logical explanation for this story, because no one needs the reactor,” he told Novosti, “because theoretically it was related to nuclear weapons and other infrastructure that were not in Syria at all on any day“.

We are fully aware that this whole story is fabricated.” Noting that “it leaves a strange impression” that Washington did not announce the alleged data on this nuclear reactor imaginary only after the Israeli raid.

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